Project 'Bond'

With Project ‘Bond’ our aim was to capture the special relationship that dogs share with their owners.

Project ‘Bond’ was born out of curiosity of finding a way to include the owner in the image yet keeping the emphasis on the dog. We had a vision (pure photographer’s dream) of a very long bench in a waiting room with lots of people sitting with the dogs by their side.

So we made a bench, set it in the studio and invited people to come and sit for us with their dogs. The peoples’ faces are cropped intentionally and, by lying flat on the floor, I aimed to get the dog’s perspective on the view in front of me.

It was a great pleasure to see eye to eye with all the dogs. The owners were also pleased not showing their faces. Being a dog owner myself, I have got used to being greeted second, or meeting people every day, yet knowing only the name of their dog. The dog world has got some comforts and takes away the pressure of normal social rules.

The project ‘Bond’ took half a year to complete; people were coming to our studio from all over England. We were exposed to many priceless moments of companionship and love, a lot of interesting stories have been told and, of course, half a dozen chickens consumed.